Product Care

Information on how to wash and care for you Wallaby Wraps and Slings

  1. We recommend washing your wrap/sling separately before your first use. This will also help set the weave.
  2. To keep your fabric strong, we suggest machine-washing in water no hotter than 40℃.
  3. Wraps/Slings should be washed using a small amount of liquid laundry detergent as powder detergents can cause damage the fibres of your wrap. The detergent you select needs to be free of optical brighteners, bleach, and softening agents.
  4. Try to avoid washing your Wrap/Sling with any items it may catch on, such as zippers or other sharp elements.
  5. We recommend air drying your wrap/sling using a drying rack, shower rod or a door that's been draped with a towel. In saying that our 100% cotton fabric wraps and slings can be dried in the dryer on a LOW heat or AIR. NEVER dry a wrap/sling on high heat or in direct sunlight.
  6. You will find the first use much more enjoyable after a wash and dry. Ironing isn’t vital but feel free to do so occasionally

For instructions on how to wear your Wallaby Wrap/Sling safely please see our Product Safety instructions