Our Story

Hi and welcome to Wallaby Wraps! We are a family owned Australian business on a mission to provide parents and carers a practical, safe and affordable baby wearing solution all year round. 

Our decision to launch our own brand was simple; babies love and need to be cuddled. Nothing compares to the scent of mum alongside that familiar beating heart. We often talk about magic being something of dreams but this is what magic really is. It is beautiful watching your baby lull off to sleep the moment they are contently wrapped and in sync with the one they love.

For our family baby-wearing saved my sanity and when our fourth child got very ill and was in hospital on a drip, being able to wear her was the best medicine for both of us. It was actually then that I felt the desire to pursue this so that other mothers could have this experience too.

The Fam

I want to hear how Wallaby Wraps has helped tired mothers get through witching hour or helped their baby fall back to sleep at 2am in the morning. I want to hear how Wallaby Wraps has helped you and your family!

Roseann and the team.